Fashion Weeks Time! S/S 2012 DATES. But are you sure you know how’re they like?

Everyone can easily imagine how crazy the fashion world is. But no one knows, excepting the insiders, what really means to be on a fashion week. Dozens of catwalks, rushes through the town trying to reach the next show that has just started. Once there, crowded lines to cross to get inside – unless you’re reeeally important -, and then an other rush to grab the best sit – or the best standing, at least -. If you’re  a journalist, you may need an interview with the designer. Prepare for a bloody fight, than: take up you recorder as a gun, draw your microphone like a sword and use your notepad as a shield. Then throw yourself into the backstage’s battlefield. And don’t forget to hold your badge tight upon your heart like a rosary, while you’re dodging the shoes, lipsticks and hysterical sharp shoutings flying over your head.

Finally – after a reasonable delay -, the catwalk begins. And for fifteen, up to twenty minutes, your fashion appetite will be satisfied and delighted by a coloured/glittered/minimal/baroque/whrishing/noisy/silent/sophisticated…and, often, original, show. Then, suddenly, all the models come out, the stylist says hi and the lights rekindle, and you know in a second you have to grab your bag and stuffs and quickly get out of there, fight for a taxi and rush again into the next défilé…which, of course, is about to begin.

Quite a mess, don’t you think?

Not to mention that, after a week of that crazyness from dawn till dusk (and till night, with the parties and other events), an other one will start just the next day, in a different city: New York, London, Milan and Paris. Not including the Haute Couture shows, held in different periods. And the Man Fashion Weeks. And the Children’s. (And I heard about a Dog’s fashion week, too, promoted by notable personalities such as Paris Hilton. A Cat’s one is still on the go).

Anyway, here you have all the dates for the spring/summer 2012 Fashion Weeks:  

  • NEW YORK       8-15 September 2011

  • LONDON            16-20 September 2011

  • MILAN                21-27 September 2011

  • PARIS                 27 Sept -5 October 2011


So, now that you’re prepared for what a Fool…sorry, a Fashion Week is, pleasstay tuned and read the next posts on HATS category, to discover all the news, the next trends, and a bit of the crazyness of the latest S/S 2012 catwalks.




3 thoughts on “Fashion Weeks Time! S/S 2012 DATES. But are you sure you know how’re they like?

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