1955-2011. Thanks Steve. You finally get to the best Cloud

There’s a storm in the Cloud. The huge World Wide Web is being turned inside out by millions of fingers typing madly – and sadly – his name, together with the few simple letters that indicate his creations, and the words “genius”, “visionary”, and “mourning”.

Steven Paul Jobs has left his suffering body on earth. His heart stopped beating, his lungs stopped inhaling oxigen, and his tappered hands won’t never move with grace and energy anymore to explain his futuristic unthinkable ideas, neither hold his rivolutionary light-designed products, with as gentleness and proud as to present a newborn child.

Wednesday 5th October his soul has lightly flown away in the sky; but his mind, his brilliant, dreaming, awe-inspiring mind, is not going to die. Neither to stop, neither to fade away.

His mind will continue to work, and to create, and to spread ideas through all the imacs, the ipods, the iphones and the ipads and through the sowed seeds of immaterial technology and infinite file sharing made possible by the innovating icloud.  We’re obviously not able to know how the digital technology – as well as the new cloud computing – would have been changed and revolutionized again, if he were still alive. But we surely know that  other people who will develop his projects and incredible ideas, continuing his work and let the seeds grow.  As he himself said in his famous  speech to Stanford graduated students in 2005, “you can’t connect the dots looking forward: you can only connect them looking backwards”.

The single man dies, but his boundless immagination will stay forever.

I finish with this words from the Stanford speech, that I believe are the gratest legacy that Steve Jobs has left us:

“Keep looking, don’t settle”.



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