ALDO SHOES finally “walk” in Italy!

The first time I stumbled on one ALDO SHOES’ shop windows, I was captured by the brilliant colours and by the original and trendy shoes in exposition. It was 2006 and I was in New York, on the Fifth Avenue, next to the cross with Madeson Avenue. I came into the shop to take a look around, and I coludn’t believe to the prices: they were so cheap! Ten minutes later, I found myself with a new pair of lovely red lether bailarinas with a preppy bow on top. I totally adored them, and I had only paid them 10 $. I used them a lot for the next two years, so I really get a bargain that day. The shop was just one of the 1500 ALDO SHOES stores spread all over 6 continents.
The first one was opened by Aldo Bensadoun in Montréal, Canada, in 1978, in Saint Catherine Street, but his production actually started in 1972
, selling shoes into a big boutique in the same city.  The new brand was so succesful as to open other 95 during the eighties, until 1993, when it expanded in United States as well (Boston, Massachussets). During the next 9 years, ALDO opened other 125 stores throughout the US, while in Canada the number had grown up to 180. But the real turning point was marked on 2002, when the label landed to United Kingdom, in London. Once there, it encreased up more and more, until expanding to Asia in 2003 and in the Mid East as well as all over Europe. Italy was one of the few countries where ALDO was not present neither well-known; but finally, on the beginning of Aprl 2011, it opened its first italian store in Rome, Via del Corso (the main street of the centre, that links Piazza Venezia to Piazza del Popolo), and, a month later, in Milan, capital of ready-to-wear fashion.

So now, after about 5 years, I’ve been able to walk again into an ALDO SHOES store. But I must confess that it deceived me in a way, since, even if there where still quite a few cool shoes, most of the rest were pretty banal, and I found the prices sensibly higher than in New York. But there are still many collections running inside out, and the general ‘british’ style has renewed a bit the choice.

The fall/winter collection is focused on bright colours for the high hills and grey fur recovering the high-hilled laced-up boots. The real protagonist is however the wedge: from ankle boots oxford shoes to peep-toe plumps, in suede or in leather, with a colour palette that ranges over classical winter/fall dark colours up to brigh ones such as yellow purple and electric blue, and with an original touch of coloured patchwork, silver glittering and the omnipresent animalier.

Anyway, here’s ALDO SHOES‘ online shop, if any of you’s interested. I think I’m going to pick up that marveous black patent-leather oxford shoes…….What type do you prefer instead??

Keep staying tuned, and comment, please!

Tx Carlotta


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