The storm that paralyzed Rome

If you’re wondering how powerful water can be, you should take a look on what it did to such a big metropolis, and european capital as well, like Rome. An unusual hard storm broke out on the city this early morning, without stopping neither decreasing from about 6 to 10 am. Experts valuated that in just a few hours have fallen down the same quantity of rain that usually falls during the whole month of october. Everywhere was covered in water, from simple substidences of the streets (holes and dips are a shamefully typical characteristic of Rome)  to the principal underpasses. An intere metro line – the A – has been closed, while the passengers were invited quickly to leave. The buses seemed like desappeared, excepting a few that were completely full. Taxis went up and down like fool, and it was kind of impossble to find one of them free, until 14 pm at least. The traffic was totally blocked, and since via Cristoforo Colombo, a huge street that links southern Rome to the centre, has been closed to the traffic for some hours, hundreds of people going to work there from the south took more than about 4 hour to get there. In the periferic area called Infernetto, two young men tragically drowned, trapped into the water: a 34 years old cook from Sri Lanka under a fallen wall into his restaurant, and a 23 year old italian guy,
blocked in his car.

So my question is: how does cities where it rains hard manage to fix up rain damages ? The answer is simple: they’re actually organized for that, or even organized not to let it happen, unlike Rome. The weathermen had already forecasted the storm in the previous days, but Rome’s authorities might didn’t pay attention enough to them. And today are finding the city forced to face many big inconveniences. Could all this be avoided, or could the damages be limited?

I don’t have the answer to these questions, but I can assure the problem is inside Rome’s structures and gutterings, unable to bear extraordinary events like today’s storm.

Anyway, this morning while trying to get to work I found myself out into the storm, but when it finished, I was able to take some photos with my mobile and to make a couple of videos to better show you the situation. I work next to the Colosseum, so if you watch it then you can realize the first visible effects of the storm, in one of the most important areas of the city.

As images often explain better than words, I leave you with the videos. Hope you’ll find them interesting!



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