A new storm breaking out on Rome tomorrow?

Meteorologists forecasted that an other heavy downpour is going to hit Rome tomorrow, just a week after the one that has caused so many damages to the city, floodings everywhere and even causing two vicims. Indeed, an intense athmosferic perturbance, led by the hot sirocco wind contrasting with the cold air currents coming down from the north. Experts valued that are going to rain more than 100 mm of water.

Rome in under allert: since a week ago the Mayor declared the “natural calamity status”, the city is far more organized now. There will be out in the streets 20% agents from the municipal police service. Buses will anticipate 30 min their usual ride,and all the metro stations- especially those which had flooding problems after last strorm) – will be distributed big bags fll of sand, to contain the water.Last but not least, the public municipal waste service, the Ama, is controlling all the manholes and the sewage sludge  in general . Everything seems to be quite under control, but, remembering about just a week ago makes doubts grow,

We’ll see tomorrow what’s gonna happen! I’ll tell you from here.




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