Yes you Cannes! Movie festival starts today on its 65th edition celebrating Marilyn and the moral crisis

65th Cannes Film Festival edition celebrating Marilyn Monroe

It was the 20th of september 1946, the Second World War concluded the year before, when in Cannes was held the very first edition of its prestigious film festival. 65 years later the festival is one of the most important of the year, attracting the creme de la creme of the whole cinema system. This year is special not only for the half between Diamond (60th) and Platinum (70th) Anniversary, but also for the coincidence of the 50th anniversary since Marilyn Monroe’s, the brightest star of Golden Hollywood (or the sexiest between them, at least) tragic death on that damned 5th of august 1962.

This year the attitude turns a little bit more “intimate” in comparison to the economical and social analysis of the crisis we’re all struggling for which has been central upon movie production of the last couple of years. The 2012 seems to take the attention back on the personal and moral effects of the economical crisis, as in Cosmopolis by David Cronenberg where a rich Robert Pattinson explores the changing of the city he lives in going through a cathartic journey, or with Sang-Soo’s The Taste of Money, on tragic consequences of scandals producted by a strong multinational company in south-Korea. Or as in Paradise: Love by Urich Seidl, Austrian director showing the sordid sexual turism in Kenya for aged women from nord-Europe.

I’m personally super-curious about something a bit “lighter”, the opening movie of the festival: Moonlight Kingdom by Wes Anderson, starring Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Tilda Swinton and Bill Murray, a sweet yet funny teen love story between a boy scout and his little girlfriend escaping from the camp.

Last but not least, The Importance of Being Italian: Italy boasts a quite good presence with three movies (Dracula 3-D by master oh horror Dario ArgentoIo e Te by Bernardo Bertolucci and the higly awaited Reality by Matteo Garrone). Who’s missing? Your Majesty Nanni Moretti, of course…which, non presenting any movie, is content with little: the role of Jury President. Poor him!

So stay tuned for pictures of the red carpet…meanwhile, take a look on Cannes’ photo archives of the past 64 years on the website section “Festival de Cannes_ 64 years in pictures”. And please yourself remembering the unforgettable icon of this 65th Festival de Cannes edition, while on 1st june is finally coming out in Italy the 2011 movie on her directed by Simon Curtis and starring Michelle Williams: “My week with Marilyn”.


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