Milan and Rome’s VFNO/Vogue Fashion’s Night Out_The Photos Of The Event

Hi everyone! This evening is going to be held in Florence the last one of the Vogue Fashion’s Nights Out 2012. It’s going to be the first time ever in Florence, and while waiting for tonight, as I mentioned, here you are some shoots I made during the last VFNOs held in Milan and in Rome (6th ad 13th September).

In case you don’t have a clue about it, the VFNO is a special fashion event conceived by Vogue – one of the most famous and appreciated fashion magazines with dozens of editions all over the word – during which for one night the best clothes and accessories shops settled in the center of  big cities remain opened to the public until late. Lots of shops organize happy hour and cocktails with music and dj set, and many brands take the chance to launch dedicated products or gadgets in limited edition.

Samsung’s flip covers by designers such as Roberto Cavalli, Valentino, Gucci and Stella Jean

Cans of Lavazza’s new coffee blend ¡Tierra! by Marni, Cavalli, Missoni, Etro, Versace and Moschino

This year, to make an example, Samsung asked some important designers to create a special cover or flip cover for Galaxy S III, and Lavazza did the same with six italian designers – Marni, Cavalli, Missoni, Etro, Versace and Moschino – in order to realize some original cans for its new coffee blend ¡Tierra!, whose revenue will be given for the 50% to the charity project Fashion For Development operating in Tanzania, Africa.

On the other hand, Campari, which has created a special cocktail for the VFNO, gave in Milan its first Red Passion Talent Prize to the young designer Gianni Serra after a webcontest  on, while in Rome Citroën launched its last DS model, the DS3 Cabrio, with a presentation in collaboration with Altaroma after an original video recorded throughout the center of the Eternal City. Last but not least, today in Florence will be possible to buy the special edition of a bracelet created by Cruciani – a brand which has recently become famous for its macramé bracelets – and Pitti Immagine  for the VFNO.

Cruciani’s bracelet for VFNO in collaboration with Pitti Immagine

The web is full of articles and posts about it, so I won’t bore you over again with more details. I’ll just restrict myself to describe the atmosphere I’ve breathed during the two Nights I attended.


The weather was sunny and great, and piazza Duomo started from 6:30 pm to be filled by many young ‘fashionistas’, or Voguistas as Vogue uses to call them, walking down via Torino and Via Vittorio Emanuele or just hanging out in the square waiting for the parties in the shops to start. One hour later every corner of the so-called “Quadrilatero della Moda” – the four streets where are settled the most important fashion, luxury and jewelry brands in Milan (via Montenapoleone, via Manzoni, via della Spiga, corso Venezia) – where packed with a crowd of colourful (yet trendy) people of all ages and styles, who passed from a cocktail in a shop to a special presentation in another. After dinner-time the best clubs – many of which, as a matter of fact, are named after fashion designers such as Armani, Cavalli and Marc Jacobs – started to party with dj set and special guests, which fortunately let the crowd slowly scatter and move a bit out of the Quadrilatero towards Corso Como and Brera. Milan has continued to party until late night, as if it was a funny and crazy half summer saturday. In a couple of words: crowded but funny.


The weather seemed to be the worst: along 6 pm it started to rain cats and dogs as if it was going to have a big storm (see here what had happened less than a year ago), and some rumors claimed the mayor Alemanno was going to cancel the event to prevent any risk. Like many other fashionistas around the city, I grabbed my rubber boots and a big umbrella and went out under the rain (with a very fashion hat that made me proud of my attempt to dissimulate the clearly anti-rain outfit). But then…surprise! A short after 7pm the rain stopped to fall, and the historical centre of Rome was incredibly empty. It was easy to imagine that the inevitable crowd would have arrived anytime soon, but we Brave Firsts To Arrive have had a little time to breath and enjoy the cocktail parties, the music in the shops and the event in general in a complete peace and tranquility. In Piazza di Spagna Altaroma presented an original flash mob catwalk with creations of young designers like Luigi Borbone and Caterina Gatta coming down the famous stairway. Double organized a very nice ad funny Fashion Hunting Game which involved over a hundred of young fashion lovers, kept busy all night long trying to solve fashion enigmas and to find clues and solutions to the questions. Residences and hotels in via Ripetta concluded the night with discos, while one of the most important italian radios held a party at the beautiful Casina Valadier. Everyone has partied and enjoyed the night despite of the initial bad weather (considering it was Rome);  in other words: unexpectedly enjoyable.

So here some pics from the nights. Enjoy it and, if you’re about to attend the last date of VFNO in Florence, have a great day! 🙂

Voguistas in Piazza Duomo_Milan

Crowd in Milan (photo:

Campari VFNO party in Milan (photo:

Deejay Set at Marc Jacobs Café_Milan

Antonio and Giulia at Marc Jacobs Café

Me with my friend Carla in via Madonnina in Brera_ Milan

Fashion blogger (and fiend!) Carlotta Balena from The Daily Whale (I suggest you to take a look at it) facing the rain in a Michael Kors coat

Dandygirls in Piazza di Spagna, Rome, after the rain


Fashion Blogger (and friend!) Francesca Berton from Frankamentemeneinfischio (it’s great with an eye on fashion and the other on music, take a look at it) with her sister and actress Alessandra_Piazza di Spagna, Rome

Me in my ShoppingInTheRain-Outfit: coat, rubber boots and a male hat. With red lipstick to add a touch of colour…and a big umbrella, of course. (I know this is just the kind of idiot ‘posing’ pics I promised not to post, but forgive me…I’ve just got a new mobile which makes great photos, not mentioning that I recently get OBSESSED with Instagram…so I can’t confirm at one hundred percent I won’t post more idiot photos!I just can’t help it…)

Louis Vuitton’s Red Polka-dots Octopusin via Condotti_Rome

Fashion Hunters for Double wearing the t-shirt of the game in via Condotti_Rome

Cocktail at Pinko’s with Campari and music by Saturnino and dj set by Federico Russo_via del Corso, Rome

Rock Headband_Pinko’s, Rome

Young dandy with a nice bow at Pinko’s_Rome

Omega Jewelry Models in via Condotti_Rome

Young Indie Dj in Burberry store_via Condotti, Rome (believe it or not, he played some very good indie music, say Joy Division!)

Hot deejay at Stone Island’s

Crowded Palazzo Fendi_Rome

Elegant Isabella with her trendy watch-collar


Beautiful sisters Barbara and Federica_fashion workers in Piazza di Spagna, Rome

The birth of a smile_Alessandra_Piazza di Spagna, Rome

Andrea_Style is in Details



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