Derek Jarman vs london Menswear A/W 2014: when a visionary film is revisited into fashion

j1kane Christopher Kane A/W 2014 VS Jarman’s Wittgenstein


When you take a look to (Dazed and Confused Magazine online) there’s always something that catches your attention. And there it is: LC:M through the eys of Derek Jarman
A very interesting article by visual artist Begüm Sekendiz Boré (Dazed contributor) which has gone over menswear London collections with a fine toothcomb to present a visual revision of the experimental 1993 movie Wittgenstein by English director Derek Jarman, loosely based on the life and thinking of the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein. A cool idea to show how blurred can boundaries between fashion and cinema “image” and – concepts – can be.

jbobbly abley 

Bobbly Abley A/W 2014 VS Jarman’s Wittgenstein



Martin Rose A/W 2014 VS Jarman’s Wittgenstein


jalex mcqueen
Alexander McQueen A/W 2014 VS Jarman’s Wittgenstein



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