Just a couple of words about. Helping (y)our Jimmy is an original story written and entirely conceived by me. It’s actually the novel I’m writing as I’m participating to the NaNoWriMo, the National Novel Writing Month (if you want to find more stories go to this category and read this). The challenge is to write a brand new 50.000 -words-long novel in just a month, starting on 1st November.

The novel tells the story of Jimmy, an Irish bit strange and unsociable man who holds an antique shop in London. He’s been left by his lovely girlfriend, Emily, apparently without a reason why, so he feels very depressed. But someone is going to help him…Someone pretty close Emily: her – crazy – best friends.

A comic romance intended to make you laugh, to relax, to have some fun, and feel some emotion perhaps. Hope to reach this goal! 🙂

I write in english but I’m italian, so I’m certainly going to make many grammar mistakes: that’s why the story is told by Jimmy’s italian best friend, Pietro, dubbed ‘Pete’. Quite an expedient, isn’t it?

So, I really hope you’ll enjoy it. Leave some comments if you like, and, of course, follow my blog and support by subscribing 🙂 Thanks!





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