I’m Carlotta and english is not my mother language, so I first apologize for all the mistakes I’m going to make. Please, correct me, if you like! Thanks in advance 🙂

Well, I would like to be a journalist, so I thought: why on earth I haven’t a blog yet? Then I realized: OOH, yes, it’s because i HATE blogs!  And so it is. I don’t stand “scrolling” pages and pages and metres of text&images as if I was reading an ancient papyrus (boring, moreover). But then I thought it was ridiculous (and pretty stupid) not to have a blog, if what I’m trying to do for workis just writing.

So here’s the dial: try to make something new. Something I feel missing in all the blog I’ve visited, but wich I would like there was. (And, yes, with a reasonable content organization, of course!) I’m here to try to put this “something” here, making this blog fun, interesting, and unusual.

So, the name is simple: “hats and guitars”, ’cause I’m going to write about fashion and music, my greatest passions.Relax!! I’m not putting a hundred shoots about me-posing-like-a-model, because I really don’t like this kind of stupid usless blogs. I will suggest you the latest interesting sensations and give you briefly the latest news, trying to analyze and criticize them through my personal opinion.

Hope you enjoy it 🙂

See you soon!



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